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Vitra EverGreen High Efficiency Toilets

Traditional toilets use up to 19 gallons of water each day (per person, or 95 gallons for a family of five) - by far the largest consumer of water in the home according to the American EverGreen Foundation. By switching to a water-conserving, High-Efficiency Toilet (HET), those gallons of water can be reduced to some 12 gallons a day.

  • Evergreen 1.2 HET
    • VitrA's HET uses just 1.2 GPF which brings an additional 7% savings on the flush volume compared to other gravity flush HETs
    • Available in elongated and round front extended height bowls
    • Operates in a quiet environment due to silent gravity flush
    • Available in 10", 12" and 14" rough dimensions
    • Meets ADA requirements
  • Evergreen Dual Flush
    • VitrA's EverGreen Dual Flush toilets give you two powerful options: a 0.8 or 1.6 GPF, depending on the necessary amount needed for flushing.
    • Achieves discharge in 3.5 seconds, refills in about 25 seconds
    • Operates between 10-80 psi
    • Available in elongated extended height or round front bowls
    • Meets ADA requirements (Elongated only)
  • Evergreen Pressure Assist
    • The 1.0 GPF Pressure Assist system uses a specialized flushing mechanism that provides added force to water used during flushing to significantly increase the performance of traditional siphonic discharge.
    • A pioneering low flush toilet - 1.0 GPF
    • Available elongated, extended height model
    • Meets ADA requirements

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Model IDModel NameTypeTank NumberTank DiscriptionGPFWater
Bowl - Tank
288615195-XXX-0075HET Elong.5400-XXX-5249
White Lever
Chrome Lever
1.26.75 x 7.951 - 41Click For Diagram
288625196-XXX-0075HET Round5400-XXX-5249
White Lever
Chrome Lever
1.26.75 x 7.951 - 41Click For Diagram
288635074-XXX-0075Dual Elong.055-XXX-5219Chrome Trip1.6 - 0.84.4 x 5.154 - 37Click For Diagram
288645076-XXX-0075Dual Rnd.5055-XXX-5137Chrome Trip1.6 - 0.85.25 x 4.7547 - 41Click For Diagram
288655065-XXX-0101 Press. Assist5066-XXX-5280
Lft Chrm Lvr
Rgt Chrm Lvr
1.09.6x7.153 - 37Click For Diagram

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